December 10 – Charlie’s First Christmas Final

This is the third in a series of four pencil and charcoal drawings I’v been work on for Christmas. I’m pleased with the previous two, but this one is by far my favorite.

Not only does the drawing reflect my style more than the others, but it captures the personality of the subject better. From his messy hair, to his half smirk, this is a good representation of Charlie.


Charlie’s First Christmas Final – pencil and charcoal

And here is the original photo:


I’ve also decided my make a slight pivot on the final drawing of Addison. She is the youngest of the subjects, and therefore has changed the most since I’ve started this project. So, I’ve decided to use a more recent image as it reflects her personality better.

Addison Sketch – Take Two

To view the previous finished works, click here for Elijah and here for Matt, Katie and Addison.

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