The next step

Like I said, “Someday I’m going to do this.” So I am. But what’s the next step?

Despite the (current) name of this project, Random Focus, I want my blog to have some focus, and, more importantly, a purpose. The last thing I want is to have a Seinfeld blog. Not a blog about the show, a blog about nothing.

My blog’s name isn’t about a blog, actually. No, the name is about how I see myself as a person, personally and professionally. I’ve never really fit into a single group, or limited myself in my hobbies and interests. Like most people, I think, my interests are diverse. The difference is that I’ve embraced this as part of my personality.

And I’m fine with the fact that I am a master of none. I feel like being so keeps me sharp. I have to keep learning to satisfy my interests.

Al Bundy
Al Bundy, king of Polk High.

Not to Al Bundy this, but even when I was in high school I didn’t fit into one group. I was an art student, participated in theater, and was part of the forensics team (I gave a great talk on the voice actor Mel Blanc). I was also a captain on the football team, ran track – technically I threw – and ended my high school career in the National Honor Society.

College was a little different, but that’s because I had no clue what the hell I was doing. I’m certain this will be a future post topic.

While my high school days are now decades behind me, the eclectic part of my personality never left. I like to keep my interests diverse, it keeps me motivated and focused on my personal goal to be a life-long leaner.

Early on I suspect my posts will be like this one, about the process I’m going through. However, my sense is that they will quickly turn to the things that I have passion for – and opinion about – professionally: media and audience development.

And to that last point, if you have some extra time, Kantar Media recently released some great qualitative research on paying for online news. It’s a little long, 48 pages, but if you’re interested in the future of media, and are wondering to what degree paid subscriptions are part of the future, it’s a good read.

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