From The Atlantic: How Discord, an App for Gamers, Went Mainstream

How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream

Similar to Slack, Discord’s origin comes from gaming. Unlike Slack, which has been adopted as a business communications tool, Discord is a tool for building communities.

Discord is a real-time chat platform that was founded four years ago as a way to make it easier for gamers to communicate. But over the past year, it has outgrown its origin story and become the default place where influencers, YouTubers, Instagram meme accounts, and anyone with an audience can connect with their community.

A few years back it felt like every other tech startup was trying to be another replacement for Facebook, but I think Discord may actually be the replacement. It walks that fine line of being open to a larger audience, but closed to a defined community. Personally I use it for finding video game deals and to be part of a comedy website I enjoy, The Modern Rogue.

Media organizations, if they want to stay with the curve, would be smart to start learning how to navigate Discord sooner rather than later.

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