Doing some construction

Remember when 90% of websites had an under construction sign for their homepage?

I haven’t had time to write the last two weeks – I’ve been doing some construction on the back end of the site and building out a content calendar. I should be back to writing meaningful (at least to me) content next week.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit Occam’s Razor, an analytics blog by Avinash Kaushik, and sign up to receive the email newsletter. Don’t worry, he’s not going to spam you. An email comes every few weeks and is well worth your time if you are a marketer, or just love analytics.

Speaking of marketers, if you’re looking for great marketing tips in podcast form, check out Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu. It’s daily, but is short, usually between 5 and 10 minutes. They give lots of actionable tips that I find myself testing within a few days.

You know, I feel like I need a signature to end these with …

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