Month: December 2017

  • Make a resolution – just not one for the new year

    Make a resolution – just not one for the new year

    Although I do understand the purpose, I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t think we should improve ourselves and the world around us. It’s quite the opposite actually. I firmly believe in creating goals. I keep a list of daily, weekly, monthly, one year, three year, five year […]

  • December 25 – A late Entry to the Christmas Gallery

    December 25 – A late Entry to the Christmas Gallery

    On the afternoon for December 23 I was cleaning out old photos on my computer when I can across an old picture I used of my wife and I on our wedding invitation. Spoiler: It’s adorable. Anyway, it made me realize I did drawings of my in-laws grandchildren, but left out there children. So I […]

  • Charlie’s Christmas Decision

    Charlie’s Christmas Decision

    I was never a fan of Christmas. Actually, I remember hating Christmas most of my first two-and-a-half decades on earth. Look, I know hating what feels like the most beloved holiday is not a hot take. I’m not trying to be some hipster or a Grinch – or a hipster-Grinch. Unfortunately it’s deep-rooted personal reasons […]

  • December 17 – Addison’s First Christmas Final

    This is the fourth and final in a series artworks I created as Christmas gifts this year.  I’m pleased with each finished piece, but I think this one came out the best – which I probably said for each finished drawing. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I think this ended up being true because […]

  • December 10 – Charlie’s First Christmas Final

    This is the third in a series of four pencil and charcoal drawings I’v been work on for Christmas. I’m pleased with the previous two, but this one is by far my favorite. Not only does the drawing reflect my style more than the others, but it captures the personality of the subject better. From […]