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  • Can the media business be saved? A “Spotify for news” is not the answer, says News Media Alliance CEO David Chavern.

    “They’re our regulator,” he said. “The government can’t regulate the news business, First Amendment. But these guys can … They determine which of our content gets delivered to who, in what priority, how it’s monetized, whether we exist on their platforms or not. They stand between us and our audience and determine everything about that relationship.

  • Five myths about journalism

    Five myths about journalism

    I’m not 100% on board with the first item on this list, making content free in the early days of the net hurt newspapers regardless of whether they lost control of the distribution model. Publishers devalued the content and thus have been unable to decouple it from the distribution model since. Regardless, it’s a thought-provoking […]

  • When will print’s advertising revenue slide end?

    When will print’s advertising revenue slide end?

    Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report I look forward to Mary Meeker’s internet trends report each spring. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. And, unlike the now-annual release of a new Star Wars film, it never disappoints. Regardless of professional or personal interests, there is information in the report that touches all of […]

  • Facebook throws the curveball media should have seen coming

    When it comes to Facebook I’ve always felt like a bit of a social media pariah in the media industry. I see the value the platform offers for publishers, but have preached that they should be cautious. This is particularly true for local publishers. I’ve argued passionately against using newer services like Live, Watch, Marketplace […]

  • Distribution as King

    On a recent episode of Peter Kafka’s Recode Media podcast, Peter interviewed the CEO of Simulmedia, Dave Morgan. The primary topic was the future of TV advertising, but what stood out to me was a comment he made on the subject of distribution. Dave mentioned that, looking at the history of media (specifically newspapers in his […]