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  • Media Threads April 6, 2019

    It’s 2019, we’re in the era of fake/false/outright lies news, and somehow major brands still think it’s cute to attempt an April Fools prank. I’m sure some people still like these pranks, otherwise why would brands waste time and money doing them? Still, it feels like the era of peak April Fools was at least […]

  • Distribution as King

    On a recent episode of Peter Kafka’s Recode Media podcast, Peter interviewed the CEO of Simulmedia, Dave Morgan. The primary topic was the future of TV advertising, but what stood out to me was a comment he made on the subject of distribution. Dave mentioned that, looking at the history of media (specifically newspapers in his […]

  • Why is (Free) Content Still King

    I was so excited this week. I planned my blog post out in advance, took notes, found links – I was ready to go. Then I read an article that derailed my plan, because it covers a subject I have a strong opinion about – paywalls. More specifically, paywalls for newspaper publishers. The article, from […]